Universal booking perfectly supports:
Customer scheduling (beauty salons, massage, spas, massage therapists), beauty, massage, wellness and healthcare reservations;
Training scheduling (sports, trainings, dance, fitness, yoga, pilates appointments);
Education scheduling (learning and educational courses, tutors and helpers);
Patient scheduling (doctor, dentists, clinic, medical).
Event scheduling (event planner, yoga class, gym, organisation of special events, conference, course, fitness center).
Searching and booking reservation for specific day(s) etc.

> Simple user navigation with interactive visualization.
> Send customized PDF invoices
> Multiple pricing for adults and children
> Unique email messages based on reservation status, both to admin and/or user
> Process payments instantly and securely. Accept PayPal and Stripe payments ( credit cards ).
> Integrated Online Approval for your Appointment reservation.
> Fast and easy access through mobile devices and desktops.
> Control your availability 24/7 with Advanced availability calendar.
> Accept group bookings to manage your classroom, training or events appointments.
> Display your appointments on Google calendar.
> Request additional customer information by adding your custom fields.
> Filterable, sortable and searchable appointment list that you can export to CSV.
> Multi-language support.
> Multiple services and service categories.
> Ask for user term & conditions acceptance before submitting an appointment.
> Change calendar colors and design.
> Multiple `step by step` template steps designs to choose from.
> User friendly admin panel
> Admin can easily cancel an appointment when necessary and notify customer accordingly.
> Send cancel link with reservation email.
> Let user cancel his reservation through user profile page.
> Email reminders
> Coupon system
> And many more…