VH Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to export reservations to csv or other formats ?

Modern booking allows to export list of reservations to CSV format.
With excel or other software you can easily convert csv to xls, xml and other formats.

I don't want to use payments, can I disable them ?

Yes, reservations can be made without redirecting user to payment page.

Can you develop custom payment plugin ?

Yes, we can. Cost for custom payment plugin development may vary from 100 to 150 euros.

Can user cancel his own reservations?

You add cancelation link into email message which is sent after reservation. Also user can cancel his reservation via user profile page.

Can I disable specific days ?

Modern booking allows you to disable days based on date and weekday.
For instance you can completely disable reservation for every Monday, Tuesday, etc. or dates like 2018-10-05, 2018-10-06, etc.}