VH Features


  • Add/edit title
  • Add/edit description text
  • Add/edit image
  • Add/edit discounts
  • Add/edit adult, child price
  • Add/edit additional options ( extra services )
  • Select maximum number of participants per hour ( booking by hours )
  • Select maximum number of participants per day ( full day booking )
  • Set price for adult, child
  • Create custom time intervals for any date, day
  • Set starting and ending time for time intervals
  • Disallow booking for specific days
  • 4 hour booking types: 1 slot, multiple slots, multiple slots non-consecutive booking, fixed slot booking


  • Add/edit title
  • Add/edit email
  • Add/edit image
  • Add/edit services for current specialist/category
  • Add/edit description

Invoice PDF

  • Create your own PDF invoice design or use implemented default modern booking invoice design
  • Add/change remove text, add variables like fields you created for user reservation, also default fields, like number of children, adults, price, etc.
  • Generate and send PDF invoice after user pays online or with cash ( ON/OFF )
  • Add your logo
  • Send PDF on cash method ON/OFF
  • Send PDF when paid online ON/OFF

Email messages

  • Create unique messages for different statuses
  • Separate emails based on status. Can be different for admin & user
  • Send notification about new booking to single or multiple admin and/or specialist/category email

Additional options

  • Add/edit title
  • Add/edit price
  • Add/edit description
  • Add/edit categories
  • Add/edit category
  • Price options:
  • – Price based on number of participants
  • – Allow to select amount of items to buy


  • Create unlimited coupons
  • Create coupon codes ( i.e CHRISMTAS50OFF )
  • Set number of times coupon can be used
  • Define coupon expiration date ( period of aviability )
  • Coupon discount can be percentage or fixed ( i.e discount -50 euros )


  • Edit and delete reservations
  • Add/change reservation date, price, status, children, adults and other details
  • Sort by reservation date, price, status, children, adults and other
  • Five reservtion statuses: Paid, Waiting, Reserved, Canceled
  • Export to CSV

Parameters and configuration options

  • Set currency
  • Set VAT percentage
  • Set new booking status then user select cash payment
  • Set new booking status then user pays online
  • Show/hide cash method
  • Credit card payment ON/OFF
  • PayPal payment ON/OFF
  • Multilanguage